Marmalade Hill Reviews

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I donā??t get what the issue is or why all of the negative comments lol? Iā??ve been here for 4 months and I havenā??t had one issue arise. Great location, right next to the capital. Close enough to downtown but far enough from the bad spots. 5 minutes away from TWO malls and a ton of restaurants. Staff is super nice. The maintence guy (think his name is Stan) is super nice, and Taylor is always super nice and helps you out with a lot. Downside would be parking, but thatā??s everywhere these days. Other than that, I donā??t understand what everyone is talking about. And to the person claiming there is homeless people sleeping outside their windows, is a complete lie. Keep up the great job Taylor and team :)

I've lived here for two years and the new manager, Heather, is by far the best that we've had here. I told the previous managers about my apartment smelling like gas 4 or 5 times and each time, they would come into my apartment, take a look, and tell me that it was just the smell from the appliances. Heather sent someone over immediately with equipment, and they found dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide and three different gas leaks. She had the gas company fix everything right away and was incredibly helpful and understanding with the whole situation. Any issues that I have brought up with her have been resolved right away. I can't recommend her enough!

I have lived here for a year now. I can say that the majority of the bad reviews on here were written by the same person/people. The writing styles are the same and it's the same unsubstantiated issue(s) repeated. I have never had one roach in my place. I have had no problem with screaming children running in front of my car. The new manager, Heather, is the best. She is kind and approachable, willing and eager to help solve any problems. The previous manager left her with quite a mess to untangle, Heather handles business promptly and efficiently. She wants the tenants to be happy. The maintenance man, Stan, is always willing to help with whatever you need. The closet and storage space is amazing! I love living so close to downtown and freeway access is two blocks away. The pet owners are responsible, and I have never experienced such a warm, inviting, and accepting group of neighbors. They are my friends. I love it here!

I love this apartment complex! Heather is amazing and was extremely helpful throughout the move-in process! She's extremely pleasant and easy to work with!

I love this apartment complex! Heather is amazing and was extremely helpful throughout the move-in process! She's extremely pleasant and easy to work with!

My apartment is clean and well maintained as it has new appliances, new modern-looking cabinets, fresh paint, a well-maintained landscape, and clean carpet. Plus, it is pet-friendly! The neighborhood is up and coming- there is a new library right around the corner, however, there isn't a selection of restaurants nearby.

I love these apartments. There is new management and there were about 10 tenants kicked out. There have been no parties, no pot smoking, everyone is very friendly. All of my concerns or things that need to be fixed were fixed and addressed with in 24 hours. There is weekly landscape maint, weekly pest control, and an onsite maint worker that is there everyday. I have not heard anything through my walls. I find I feel very safe living here. The changes were good changes. I would encourage you to take a look.